Commercial Diplomacy Journal


by the President of UBCCR
Ph.D. Prof. Nasty Marian Vladoiu

The Commercial Diplomacy Journal is a bi-annual publication published under the aegis of the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce from Romania (UBCCR), and configures the interest of certain personalities in the international diplomacy in presenting appealing opinions and ideas of a real topicality about the world’s economic development and beyond. 

As President of UBCCR, and also President of the Economic and Commercial Diplomats Club, the idea to create it arised, considering at the same time the practical necessity that such a magazine would bring into the business environment. The economic development of all countries through commercial diplomacy as a variation of  the  economic  diplomacy  is  a  real  desideratum  for  all  diplomatic  missions  of  the  countries that realize the importance of the concept of wise governance.

The  promotion  of  trade  relations  through  knowledge  and  innovation,  through  proactive  and participative attitude, taking into account also the development of technological and scientific resources,  creates  the  prerequisites  of  a  new  model  of  informational  society  towards  each developed country heads to. Last but not least, Commercial Diplomacy Journal is the first periodical from Romania that aims to  create  a  voice  between  Ambassadors,  Charge  d’Affaires  and  other  representatives  of  the foreign  embassies  accredited  in  Bucharest  and  the  national  or  international  business enviornment. 

All the above listed offer a substantial and special content of this 1st Edition of the Commercial Diplomacy Journal, giving us the opportunity to assert, without fear of error, that the journal published  under  the  aegis  of  UBCCR,  will  have  an  obvious  future  and  will  be  developed effectively  in  terms  of  the  content  made  up  generously  of  ideas,  opinions  and  remarkable analysis of several illustrious personalities of international diplomacy.